Why did so many birds and fish suddenly die?

I am not going to explicitly link the death of birds and fish in the US recently, and now in northern Europe. But it is odd.

Investigators are suggesting the culprits were stormy weather and fireworks for the extraordinary events. But why did these very common events, the bad weather and fireworks, suddenly cause the deaths of birds and fish in such large numbers? Don’t know. But what I do know is that it isn’t common.

Various parts of the world experience bad storms and fireworks and never do you hear afterwards that they have caused the death of large numbers of birds and fish. Particularly the latter.

The preliminary autopsy findings said there was no sign of disease and that they had died of ‘acute physical trauma‘. Now I don’t know about you but ‘acute physical trauma’ is something I associate with torture and not something associated with the death of birds and fish.

Why would these particular birds and fish suddenly be subject to ‘acute physical trauma’ when all the other birds and fish around the world that experience bad weather and fireworks do not? I was thinking of China when I asked this question, and then I suddenly realized that there aren’t many birds in China. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? But I am sure that China would be the first to tell us, and I am only speculating here, that the lack of birds was not due to its abundant use of fireworks.

Bad weather and fireworks are common events around the world, so I would have thought that one incident of birds experiencing ‘acute physical trauma’ was a coincidence. But when you include the fish in this equation, the equation cannot be so readily applied.

And now that a third incident of bird deaths by possibly ‘acute physical trauma’ may have occurred in northern Europe, it may lessen the chances of it being a coincidence. A coincidence, for those who have forgotten, is, according to dictionary.com, ‘a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance’. Emphasis on ‘by mere chance’ mine. Unless, of course, some cruel and heartless human being decided to hoax the event by needlessly killing the birds to make it look like something untoward was beginning to happen around the world, scaring the hell out of lots of children and grandparents.

If it is the latter, then I feel justified in my general condemnation of humanity as a whole. See my December 27th post: ‘A whale’s death is an indictment on us all’. Hear the experience and see the aftermath of human beings doing inhuman things to other humans in this story about what some Israeli soldiers allegedly did to a small boy. What human being can justify their use of a small boy’s body as target practice? Appealing to the god of the Christians and Israelis for justification, I would think your appeal is quite immoral. If humans can justify their cruel and inhuman treatment of other humans on this planet, they sure as hell will try to justify their cruel and inhuman treatment of other animals as well.

There is a link, I think, between what humans have done and are doing to this planet we call ‘home’ and its inhabitants and the death of thousands of birds and fish (Chesapeake Bay). And not just birds and fish, other species like the Manetee, for instance. Not to forget the thousands of species that have already been made extinct by the greed and self-centredness of humans and their inability to live in harmony with other animals and the planet. If there is a God, his divine retribution is over due, long over due. However, what I think will happen instead is that humanity will suffer as a result of its own stupidity and narrow-mindedness before it grows a brain that functions properly.

Update (07/01/2011): Check out the extent of recent bird and other animal deaths with Google.

Update (08/01/2011): Grist for my contention that humans have a propensity for cruelty to animals.


Author: Robert M. Easterbrook

I'm one of those tall thin guys who looks around a lot and keeps to himself. I've recently completed a PhD, thinking it might be useful for something. I'm also a dreamer, because dreaming is far more interesting than the mundane.

2 thoughts on “Why did so many birds and fish suddenly die?”

  1. Hi, I was pleased to find you while browsing the internet on a fallow up on the the dead birds.
    My analogy of the whole thing is the same as yours. There isn’t any other truth more correct about what human beings have become.
    The bird and fish have died all around the world. Because of distances and happening so close to each other i don’t think what happened is man made.
    The earth is going to a change, a re-birth, like it or not is a reality. When a woman is just a bout to have a baby rapid changes happen in her in the hours she goes through labor. She very rapidly starts dilating from 0 to 9 cmm. and then we see the head of the baby. The same Earth is going through some physical changes on her invisible force field, which is opening just as a woman does so baby can be born. There are invisible magnetic and force fields and such that are doing something as we speak very rapidly. Portals will be opened. As a matter of fact some of us will cross over through one to the 5th world, which is same earth different dimension or different vibration. So we are going to witness strange things happening that will appear to us as Armagedon or star war movie.
    Because of the way man has become, it is necessary that a cleansing happens. You can look at it that way but at the end what we really are about to witness is how EVOLUTION happens. We are going to find out that it is not like they told us on the books. Evolution doesn’t take millions of years but maybe two minutes and two dark days and it is done! Life starts fresh and perfect and with a new kind of human being, in this case more advance. I hope to meet you there!


  2. Percussion waves used by US Air Force, US Navy, & DARPA
    HAARP:- High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program; it’s been around along time, remember all the beached whales? that was Navy using radio waves, percussion weapons.


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