Never send the NZ Air Force to do an actual researcher’s job. And Fairfax paid money for this story? The NZ Air Force must be laughing their asses off.

However, I do wonder how much the US Air Force paid the NZ Air Force to conclude that almost all sightings were naturally occurring phenomenon? Not to cast aspersions on the NZAF, perhaps the NZAF got their inspiration from somewhere else closer to home?

Now where did I read that UFOs were simply naturally occurring phenomena? Ah, yes, the magnanimous Professor Stephen Hughes with Kerrin Binnie on the ABC.

Update (02/01/2011): Apparently Marlborough Press, the NZ news media that published the story, didn’t pay the writer of the article. Credit is given to Fairfax as the origin of the story. So who wrote the story?

Further update (06/01/2011): A Fairfax staffer wrote the original story.


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