Desperate or gullible? Mars rover images or Earthly images?

UFO-blogger must be desperate for visitors to his site or he must be really gullible. And perhaps he thinks everyone else is too?

Maybe I’m being a bit harsh but I don’t know why he re-posts faked photos and hoaxes. I will make it clear that I am not sceptical of the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials, I have seen the craft with my own eyes. And I know what I saw.

The photo in question – like the Time traveler photo – has been tampered with, and it is easy to see. The Time traveler photo that he posted some weeks back, which I now find has been removed from the site, had been tampered with.

Look at the four photos that purportedly show the alleged base. Take a close look at the 2nd photo, the one with the red circle highlighting an object, look directly beneath it and look at the landscape, what do you see? A mountain, that’s what you see.

The top of the mountain, including the mountain range on either side, is the horizon; that is the horizon. And it’s not Mars‘ horizon.

Now look at the photo to the left, the top of the mountain is the horizon. And once again it’s not Mars’ horizon.

Now look at the actual Rover image, the 4th and bottom righthand side. Can you see the difference? I can.

Why all the fakery? Well, there’s probably several reasons why fakery exists and will continue to exist so long as extraterrestrials continue to remain an enigma to the world that has seen them or cares about them, or kept obscured by the shenanigans of the US government that knows more than it wants to declare, not that I want to subscribe to any conspiracy theories.

UFO-blogger has recently clearly made a few errors in judgement, I think.


Author: Robert M. Easterbrook

I'm one of those tall thin guys who looks around a lot and keeps to himself. I've recently completed a PhD, thinking it might be useful for something. I'm also a dreamer, because dreaming is far more interesting than the mundane.

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