Video is Evidence of Video Editing

All News Web recently published an article by Michael Cohen (2010) containing a piece of video that allegedly contains an ‘alien’ who had been unwittingly filmed meandering behind a news crew, somewhere near Santa Cruz, Argentina, sometime on 8 August this year.

The news crew, who made the program, and viewers of the program who had recorded the program that contains the piece of video that contains the alleged ‘alien’ meandering in the background, ‘testify that this [piece of video] was indeed the live film that was streamed on TV’.

The problems I have with this alleged ‘alien’ video segment are twofold, the first being that it has been tampered with. And it is easy to see, if one looks closely enough at the piece of video. Special equipment or a highly trained person is not needed.

As one watches the video, one does see an image, albeit indistinct, of a humanoid meandering in the background not far from the film crew. It is clear after carefully watching the video however that some of the features of the humanoid are quite exaggerated; the head and limbs, they are not ‘human’ suggesting the humanoid might not be an earthling.

The film crew claim to have not tampered with the video segment. The person or person(s) who recorded the segment claim to have not tampered with it, yet it is quite clear to me that they have, or someone has. The video was tampered with by either the film crew or the person or persons who recorded the program, and edited this section and altered it. If not them, who? Perhaps Michael Cohen did it, for reasons unknown.

The thing that indicates that the image has been tampered with is the shadow cast by the female in the immediate foreground and the alleged alien in the distant background, they are different.

The shadow cast by the female in the foreground is to the left while the shadow cast by the alleged alien is to the right. The sun is shining on the female from the right as we look at her, yet the shadow of the alleged alien shows the sun shining on him/her from a little to the left.

Why did Michael Cohen present this video as ‘evidence’ of extraterrestrials? In his opening sentence he says, “UFO researchers have been taken by surprise by a recent UFO /Alien event that took place in South America.” Aside from the ambiguous wording of the sentence, for how long were the UFO researchers surprised? Who were the UFO researchers, and are they still surprised? Why didn’t the videographer immediately comment on the incredible event the instant it happened? I mean, the videographer was in prime position to see the alleged ‘alien’ meandering in the background, but didn’t say a word.

I doubt that the UFO researchers, if there were any, are still surprised by this video, perhaps surprised that any serious investigator would still be considering its evidentiary value. They might still be surprised by the enormous effort someone used up to fake the sudden appearance of an alleged ‘alien’ behind an Argentinean news crew. The real extraterrestrials must be laughing their asses off.

Cohen, Michael 2010. All News Web: viewed at


Author: Robert M. Easterbrook

I'm one of those tall thin guys who looks around a lot and keeps to himself. I've recently completed a PhD, thinking it might be useful for something. I'm also a dreamer, because dreaming is far more interesting than the mundane.

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