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Institute of Frontier Science | IFS.

Ufology is defined as the study of the UFO Phenomena and extraterrestrial entities. For clarity, the Institute of Frontier Science will address such phenomena as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

Dr Richard F. Haines, National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) Science Director and former chief of the Space Human Factors Office at NASA Ames Research Center and a former senior research scientist for both NASA and Raytheon, has given the following definition for the term UAP (1980):

“An unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) is the visual stimulus that provokes a sighting report of an object or light seen in the sky, the appearance and/or flight dynamics of which do not suggest a logical, conventional flying object and which remains unidentified after close scrutiny of all available evidence by persons who are technically capable of making both a full technical identification as well as a
commonsense identification if one is possible.”

Ufology acknowledges that extraordinary and mysterious UAP’s exist, they are witnessed, and in some cases these appear to be solid, physical objects under an intelligent control.

I generally support this conceptualization of the phenomenon known as UFOs.


Author: Robert M. Easterbrook

I'm one of those tall thin guys who looks around a lot and keeps to himself. I've recently completed a PhD, thinking it might be useful for something. I'm also a dreamer, because dreaming is far more interesting than the mundane.

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